Reduce your Sugar and Salt

Offer Water and Alternatives to Salt


The introduction of the Sugar Tax in 2018 brought sugar content to the attention of consumers.  Many soft drinks companies reformulated their products to be under the threshold that attracts the tax.

We try to encourage consumers to choose water with their meals. By placing bottled water at eye level in a fridge you can direct customers towards it.

You can offer meal deals including a bottle of water or as an upgrade at a reduced price.

If you offer children’s meals it is a good idea to have the option of water if there is a choice of drink.


People will most likely grab a product that is at eye level


Too much salt is very detrimental to your health.  With fish and chips we tend not to add too much salt until the point of service but there are still a few things we can do to help reduce the amount of salt our customers consume.

You can purchase salt shakers with fewer holes (5 rather than 16).  This means less salt is added at the point of service.  You can also buy coarser grains of salt which come our of the shaker much more slowly.

You can also offer lo sodium salt.  This salt uses potassium rather than sodium, which is a good alternative but you must remember that people  with kidney problems can struggle to process potassium.


Managing your oil well benefit your customers health and also save your business money!