Know Your Portions!

Why is Portioning So Important?

It is important to ensure customers get a reasonably consistent portion for a number of reasons.  If they get a 12oz portion one visit and a 6oz the next then they are not going to be very happy. 

Serving known portion sizes also helps you to price your products accordingly to ensure your business is profitable, without it you have no control over your costs.

The name we give our portions is also very important to help manage customers expectations.  If you sell a 6oz fish call it a regular.. if its 9oz then call it a large fish. This will help customers know what they are getting for their money and ensure they don’t end up buying a larger portion than the wanted.


Meals should contain between 45 and 65 percent carbohydrate

What Size Portions Should I Offer?

We are not recommending you tear up your menu and start again but we think it is important to offer some smaller menu options.  Public Health England are advising the general public to eat meals of 400-600-600 calories so it makes sense for us to offer lighter options of 600 calories.

Many people already share portions purchased from fish and chip shops, people also tend not to like to waste food so often over eat and feel uncomfortable after consuming a takeaway. We feel that going forward it is important we can offer individual meals to give people the choice.


Thick chip shop chips have around half the fat content of french fries!

See What Your Portions Look Like on a Plate

It may seem like a strange thing to do but by putting the meals you are serving it really highlights just how much food you are expecting a customer to eat.

Often this food is wasted or else the customer feels obliged to eat it all, often leaving them feeling uncomfortably full and possibly turning a very enjoyable food experience into one they do not rush to repeat.

The rule of thumb is, if you couldn’t eat it all yourself then don’t expect a customer to be able to!

The pictures here show a 10 ounce (283 gram) portion of chips, which is probably lower than the national average regular chips!  The image to the right is the same portion on a standard size dinner plate…. even this portion, which is on the small side, doesn’t leave much room for another item of food!