Calorie Reduction

Making small changes can make a huge difference!

Calorie Reduction - Why we need to act?

Portions have got larger over the years and people have become less active meaning that the NHS is having to treat more obesity related health problems.

By making small changes we can help improve the health of the nation and also improve our quality and profitability at the same time.

This website have some useful tricks and tips on how to manage your oil, offer more portion choice and we even often a service to have your food nutritionally tested.

The National Federation of Fish Friers delivers training to fish and chip shops and, supporting local authorities around the UK, to operators of other food businesses.  Our 100 year heritage means we have great knowledge about oil management and portion control.

This website will give you some basic techniques to try but every business is different so we recommend further training.


The National Federation of Fish Friers offers training in its Training Academies in Leeds, West Yorkshire and in Kilkeel in Northern Ireland.

We can also deliver in-shop training and bespoke training courses.

If you represent a Local Health Authority you may be interested in our oil management courses.  We have delivered these in many different locations across the United Kingdom.