Portion Control

Portion Control Using Packaging

Using packaging to limit portion sizes works reasonably well especially if you are packaging items individually, but now some of the packaging designed to accommodate fish has too much room for chips.

Corrugated Compartment Box

To try to correct limit the chips in a fish and chip box you can use boxes with a section built in for the chips. 

Place Fish and/or Sauce Carton in Box First

To ensure boxes cannot be overfilled you can place the fish into the back of the box and add a portion of peas in a 4oz carton at one front corner to present a great nutritionally balanced portion of fish chips and peas. 

Many customers feel compelled to over eat rather than waste food!

Produce Consistent Portions Using Portion Control Scoops

There are a couple of ranges of portion control scoops available to buy. These scoops are designed to serve a consistent portion size, in one action, every time! 

Both of the designs of scoops have been developed in partnership with active fish friers and it has taken a lot of development to produce solutions that are not only very accurate but also don’t damage the chips in the process.

By giving a consistent portion you also ensure your customers get the portion they are used to.  It is not good for business to give a large portion one week and a smaller one the week after, it will antagonise your customers. 

By using the packaging we recommend and a presenting the food in a tray with a portion of peas etc you can serve great looking meal that is nutritionally balanced and perfect for one person to consume!