Public Health England are exploring introducing a calorie cap on meals as reported by the Daily Mail

Pizzas will have to shrink or lose their toppings under proposed Government plans to cap calories in our favourite treats in an obesity crackdown.  

Drastic guidelines from Public Health England state pizzas should contain no more than 928 calories. The move will also apply to pies, which will be capped at 695.

Proposed limits are yet to be revealed for ready meals, crisps, chips, biscuits, sandwiches, cooking sauces, soups, burgers and processed meats, among other food products.

The final measures are due to be announced in spring, as officials continue to hold meetings to discuss the plans with retailers and food manufacturers to iron out the details.   

Officials are yet to explain how the plans would be enforced. However, if the strict calorie cap is rolled out, it could mean that manufacturers are forced to pay a levy – similar to the sugar tax introduced in April.

Britain’s leading nutritionist argued it is not enough for restaurants to simply offer healthier options, stressing obesity can only be tackled if the calorie content of foods is cut. 

The radical move is part of the PHE’s target to reduce calorie counts in every day foods by 20 per cent by 2024. The Government body has previously said the UK needs to go on a diet. 

It comes after figures yesterday revealed English children are fatter than ever as a record number of 10 to 11-year-olds are now severely obese – around 24,000.

Here, MailOnline reveals which popular pizzas in high street chains and takeaways are wildly above the new calorie limit, and which ones you should switch to for a healthier choice. 

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