Lighter Options

Why Offer Lighter Menu Options?

The Government is keen to improve the nations health by reducing obesity.  If we don’t start to address this issue as an industry we may face legislation in the future or even increased taxation.

Offering a half size portion does not mean it has to be half price, the same amount of work goes into producing it, but it does mean you use less ingredients.

By having a minimum of two menu items around 600 calories you give the consumer the option.  Some will choose to still opt for the larger portion,  but often these are shared.  Lighter options allow the customer to choose the portion the require to satisfy their appetite so they are not force to either over eat or waste food.

Lighter menu options can also make great commercial sense, hitting the right price point for that valuable lunchtime trade and converting some of the people who share meals to ordering two lighter meal options.

Products with images sell much better! 

Menu Ideas

There are so many combinations you can offer, just reduce the portion and get packaging to suit!

Small Fish and Small Chips

Regular Fish and Half Portion of Chips

Scampi and Small Chips

Sausage and Small Chips With a side

Give them a go on your menu and test them out as specials, you will be amazed as to how popular they are.  By packaging them as a meal, with a water or a low sugar drink and advertising them with a picture, they represent an easy buy for a customer.

Try offering two lighter menu options