How It Works

Decide Which Products You want Testing!

You can either have a complete meal as a single test or you may choose to test each individual item. If you are unsure then get in touch with the NFFF and we will talk you through it! 

Decide Which Tests You Want Performing!

You can choose to have a full nutritional analysis or just get the calorific information. for each sample.

Contact The NFFF

Either fill out the contact form on this site or call 0113 2307044 and we will go through your requirements and give you a price for your testing.  Once you have paid for your testing we will move onto the sampling stage of the process. 

The NFFF Will Send You Your Sample Pack

The sample pack will give you all the packaging and information you require to get your samples ready.  We also give you some do’s and dont’s as it is very important that the samples are not manipulated in anyway to give more favorable results.

Cook Your Samples and Freeze Them Down

Once you have cooked your samples and treated them as you normally would to serve them, place them in the bags provide, label them and freeze them.

Contact the NFFF to Arrange the Courier

Call the NFFF and we will arrange for the courier to collect the samples.  We need to know the total weight of the samples and collection can only be arranged Monday to Thursday to ensure next day delivery. We will give you full instructions on how to package the samples just before they are collected!

Sit Back and Wait For Your Results!

The lab results will take around 10 working days. The NFFF will notify you when we receive the results and once we have processed your figures we will issue you with a detailed analysis report along with a certificate and marketing pack.


Our service will give you your products exact nurtitional figures and provide you with the tools to advertise them!