Frying Temperatures

Frying Temperatures

It is important to get the cooking temperatures correct for the type of food you are cooking.  If you have the temperature too high you can burn the food and increase levels of potentially harmful substances on the surface. If the temperature is too low and your food can absorb too much oil and therefore have increased levels of fat.

We recommend a Set Point of 180-190 degrees celsius  for the majority of products.

Chips and High Efficiency Fryers

High efficiency chip fryers are usually used in conjunction with basket frying.  The burners on these type of fryer are much more efficient therefore the heat recovers much more rapidly.  The faster recovery time means the Set Point can be slightly lower than the 180-190 degrees celsius of a standard pan as the temperature does not fluctuate much when a basket is introduced. You should also stagger the baskets being lowered into the oil to allow the pan to recover before the next one is dropped rather than placing them all in the pan at the same time.


Putting your pans on standby or just turning them down will preserve your oil and make the food you produce more healthy